Use your ticket next year?

Tensive times are ahead of us. We were pleased to see ticket sales go so well, it gave us the opportunity to make arrangements with suppliers and work towards this summer’s edition.

It is a problem a lot of festivals encounter: the festival pays itself through ticket sales and consumptions during the event. This income is now lost, while ongoing costs continue to have to be paid.

We need your support!

All of a sudden our future depends on how many people will want their money back. It is in everybody’s right to claim their refund, but it is an enormous amount of money which we do not have on our account.

This dependence and powerlessness hurts us as we were confidently working towards the coming edition but were abruptly cut from having control over the course of events.

It forces us to call on our community. Although we feel confident that things will work out and that we will see each other next year, this course of events leaves us with a bitter feeling of being taken something from us. And that hurts.

We’ve come up with the following options:

1. Keep your ticket for next year

In this scenario your ticket will be refunded in the form of a voucher, which you can then use next year to get a new ticket. This option is not so different from the option to claim your refund, because it means that next year we will lose a lot of income. We would like to emphasize that if you want to support us, it is best to (partially) donate your ticket.

2. Donate your ticket

This means you will support us by donating your ticket and ensuring the existence of the Living Village Festival. Next to our eternal gratitude you will receive a specially designed Living Village T-shirt next year. We will also offer the possibility to partially donate your ticket. The options will be 25%, 50% or 75%.

3.Get your money back

It is in everybody’s right to claim their refund, for you have paid for something that will not take place. The problem with this scenario is that if everybody claims their refund, it would mean the end of the Living Village. Speaking of pain in our hearts

Didn’t buy a ticket yet but still want to support us?

After many requests for a donation form we embedded one on the website, mainly for our villages who didn’t buy a ticket yet, but still want to support us in these harsh times. Feel free to help us out by clicking the button below.