Living Village 2021 & Ticket update

– When the world is in chaos, all we can do is be grateful for the times we shared in harmony –

Dear friends and fellow Villagers,

For the last 3 years, with a lot of love we have organized the Living Village Festival, we do this as an organisation, but in the bigger picture we do this as a whole, together with all the loving people involved, enthusiastic volunteers and beautiful artists! Together we are the Living Village!

Every edition we are amazed by what kind of beautiful things emerge from coming together and creating a beautiful event with everybody involved. Every year we find ourselves totally exhausted but filled with good vibes after a time of intense working together and every year we instantly look forward to the next year to do it all again, and better!

This year promised to be a good year, preparations were going smoothly, ticket sales were good and already we had a lot of volunteers lined up to create something beautiful again.

Corona measures hit hard

What sadness brings us the Corona-virus measures that are in place this summer. We understand the situation and we support our government’s choice but nonetheless the measures hit us hard. With pain in our hearts we postpone this year’s preparations until next year. We were excited about the coming edition!

In a time like this, where the Corona-battle is fought all over the world, we feel grateful for a loyal group of supporters, a loyal group of visitors and volunteers already ready for the next Living Village experience, a group that shares our pain but also reminds us why we do what we do, the coming together, the creation, the dance, the beauty of ‘we’, instead of ‘I’. We truly feel supported by all the lovely messages we receive through socials, email and regular mail. Thank you!

What’s next?

We are currently working on a proper infrastructure to handle the ticket sales, refunds and donations on our website. The ones who bought a ticket will receive an email from us to guide them through the process.

Hopefully see you all next year, stay healthy and take care of each other!

Greetings from the heart, 

Living Village office crew