A harsh reality slowly becomes visible to us, after four years of shared dreams and shared life views and most important the coming together of a lot of beautiful people, the reality is that we cannot maintain the festival in the current situation. Due to COVID-19 measures and demanding contractors we are forced to pull the plug. With pain in our hearts we requested bankruptcy this week. Please read this message carefully for more information.


Looking back we can only feel proud of what we’ve shared together. What started as an idea in a tiny house in Dalfsen grew to be a spirit and a shared life view that brought together over 10.000 visitors, artists and musicians in three editions. Our ideals and our passion was seen, felt and shared.

We never would have guessed that our movement would have made such an impact. Together we experienced beautiful shows, 365+ workshops, readings and intriguing gatherings. This was all lived and shared by people from all over the world, we hosted 64 different nationalities. Above all, our memory and our hearts will stay filled with beautiful people, new friendships and a shared search for new ways of living, the thing we find truly important.


The regrettable fact is that the odds have not been in our favour. We are sorry to all the people that bought a ticket to last summer’s cancelled edition. At this moment a curator takes over, we will keep you informed as to what happens next. IMPORTANT: It is of no use to contact members of the organization. The curator decides what happens next.


Living Village is working together, all together, all our 1000+ volunteers, artists, visitors and members of the organization, we all have played an equally important role in this adventure. So thank you for your contribution. We will remember, in our hearts and memory. We say special thanks to the Van Leussen family, the Dalfsen community and Overijssel province for these beautiful times and a magical place. We shall start the recovery from here and look forward to a future of new possibilities!


We will continue our online community and we surely hope everybody will keep on sharing innovative ideas and keep within reach, stay in contact. Most importantly: Keep the fire burning, for from the ashes we will rise!! We cannot and will not let go of the group of people that gathered at Living Village.

We will be looking at future possibilities to keep this community alive. A community that moves from the heart, connects with the heart, a community to come home to. A place where everybody can feel connected, not judged. From this heart connection we will start looking for ways to stay connected even with all the new restrictions and changes. We will find ways to come together! Interested? Keep following us!


Living Village