Do you support us too?

It is no secret that the Living Village, as a startup festival, is still challenged with financial difficulties, every year we come closer to the steady financial base we hope to achieve, but we are not there yet.

After many requests we also added an option to donate to our cause on our website. This is for the people that didn’t buy a ticket yet but would still like to support us financially.

As has been said a tense time lies ahead of us, will we see each other again next year or does this beautiful story end here? In hope and trust we say: this is not how this story ends. Hopefully you feel the same as us so we can work towards the 2021 edition. Let us create an edition so spectacular that the 2020 edition and the way COVID-19 put an end to it is soon forgotten!

Again we want to emphasize how grateful we feel to be part of this international community that comes together in beautiful Dalfsen every year to celebrate the beauty of life, because that’s what it is!