Dear Villagers,

Due to the new rules and sanctions about the Coronavirus, Living Village 2020 will not take place. No events are allowed in Holland until september 1st. Our heart goes out to all the people and families who are already victims of the virus.

New festival in 2021

Just like you, we were really looking forward to this year’s edition. The fact the festival will not take place hurts us badly, but above all we understand and respect the measures the government takes. Health and safety goes above all and we, as a festival, also have to think about the audience, the artists, the crew and the volunteers. For now, we’re gonna pick up the pieces and try to arrange next year’s edition.

Already bought a ticket?

Half way May we will give you the information about the tickets which you bought. Stay tuned on the website and our social media. We will update the F.A.Q. and give you all the answers. For now we ask you not to email, send messages or call for we first have to get in touch with all the artists, volunteers and suppliers.

Stay positive!

Keep in mind, that not only we will suffer the consequences. All of Europe and the biggest part of the world is in this situation. This is why we ask you to stay positive and help your neighbour and friends during this time. We all need each other now!

Stay Safe and we hope to see you all during the best of all editions in 2021!

Kind and warm hug,

The Living Village organisation