Festival program 2020

The program of our 13 neighbourhoods will be announced later. Below you can already take a look wich neighbourhoods there are. Each one has his own Vibes & Tribes, because we co-create the whole festival!

Stay tuned!






Living Village area’s

Eco Transition Area

This Eco-transition area is booming of vibrant life!

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Temple Grounds

Ceremonies, consults, workshops, lectures, rituals, yoga, sweatlodge and more

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Village Square

Come visit our Village Square & Acoustic stage!

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Monkey Town

Gypsy, Klezmer, Jazz, Reggae, Funk, HipHop, Rock, Indie and more!

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Theater & Performance stage

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Kids Village

Come and play!

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Electronic Stage

Chill Out, Progressive, PsyTrance, Full-on, Forest and more!

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Chill Out

Ambient, Downtempo, Psydub, Deephouse, Techno, Reggae and more

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Acoustic Stage

A colourful magic mystery mix of different artists

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Material Flow

Waste Management & Sustainability

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Fire Shows

In CoCreation with Machine Elves we bring you an amazing Firestage!

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Throughout the festival you will discover many magical performances and artists.

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Woodcarvers Corner

Lots of action, chainsaws, chissels, powertools and fire!

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Come visit our market square!

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Veggie, vegan, organic & exotic. Bring your own plates, cups and cutlery!

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Open Spaces

We invite you to share your knowledge, arts and good vibes!

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Magical Forest

Those who wander through forests may find many magical things...

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