At the center of the Living Village, next to the river, lies the sjamandada Theater & Performance stage. A meeting point for critical spirits, where art, plants, performance, ritual, ecology, food and drinks are exchanged.

Sjamandada is one of the natural answers to the aim of The Living Village: living art as art-of-living. Sjamandada aspires to be both performance platform and art movement, offering and a vital theater program with sparkling performance artists from or beyond all disciplines, often putting life and nature (in us) at the core of their work.

The artists sharing their arts with the audience find common ground in their effort to wipe out the boundaries between culture & nature, audience & performer, through a love for uprooting and/or rerooting and love for the theatrical ritual itself. They are often marked with a combination of low-threshold non-elitarian communication with the audience & high artistic quality, a high level of biophilia (love for what lives), a curiosity for the immaterial side of performance, & finally the courage to put themselves at stake. Or sometimes they're just plainly fucking GOOD. Meet them both in the tent or somewhere out there.