Fire Stage

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, things of all shapes and sizes - welcome one and all to the Machine Elves Fire Show! Sunday night we have a grand spectacle for you, where we will have tricks with sticks and all sorts of bits, what will boggle your mind - especially the fiery bits! With chainsaw acts like you've never seen before, burning sculptures built so high, blowing fire rain into the sky!...Transforming into ashes, becoming one with the ground – summoning the fire tamers with the audience’s sound!

Proudly we present a team of 19 amazing fire performers who will blow your mind at the Machine Elves Fire Stage 2019! A big applause in advance to Ed Mondo, Ramona Redskywalker, Rogue Flame, Ian Engai, Loraine Pijper, Luke O'Connell Adrienne Csnd, Laila Gaia, Pixlpixie, Mushmo's Performance Art, Elliot Walton, Gaia Ward, Oscar Richards, Michael Bubba Hance, Pat O'Matic, Skye Estee Reid, Will Mondo & Lara Victoria Jones!!!

We see you all at the Living Village Festival 2019!

This area is hosted by: Machine Elves