About The Living Village

The Living Village festival is an experimental festival and a stepping stone for co-creation of our (and our children’s) future. It’s the ultimate chance to create awareness and gather the people who are in touch with nature, the earth and all its inhabitants. It’s easy to say we want change, but in what way? And how do we get there? During this festival we bring people, knowledge, solutions and examples together. To learn, get inspired, share and expand our knowledge, but also to dance, play and enjoy our time together. The Living Village Festival provides the perfect surrounding to experience it all.

What to expect

It all started with the dream to build a house with a structure from a living tree. Working on this dream, we learned so much that it felt not fair to keep this knowledge to ourselves. We had to spread it. Because isn’t that what nature tells us?

Plant a few seeds and in the end there will be a forest. So the Living Village Festival sprouted, and from sharing knowledge about living tree architecture, it grew out to cover many aspects of conscious living and building. So here’s what to expect:


Lectures, workshops, ideas and inventions. During the festival we gather keynote speakers, influencers, inspiring people & organizations to talk about the biggest and the smallest problems in the world. What happens, what does it mean to you and me, and in what way could we change things?

Next to that we invite you to learn more about living off grid, bushcraft and many more. From pollution to solution is our main drive and the first step seems awareness.


During the festival we interact, involve, share and party together. This is how we become our own community with inhabitants from already more than 30 countries. Tribes, other communities, flow towns and mind like spirits are invited to grow with us.

Together we share knowledge and understanding. Once a villager, always a villager for we give. Not just to take, but to share and understand.


Why build on one dream, when there are so many to feed? We already know that many chosen perspectives and materials are not the best. Even more, they are the worst option. During the festival we present new ideas but also bring workshops and lectures in how you can change your own living.

We believe it takes small steps to make a big change. Together we create a better day. For when mother earth is happy, we and all other inhabitants are happy!


Trigger the mind far beyond the expected, that’s why we use art as a form of communication. Every year we build a unique centerpiece and the other art & deco will be cohesively build. And off course you can enjoy some living architecture.

If you already have seen it all, we dare you to co-create, do workshops or just step into one of the most diverse art forms: Fire performances, the magic forest, contact-dance, open space poetry, theater, poi spinning or the woodcarvers village. Either way, more then enough to explore!