While the world is in chaos, all we can do is stay positive!

We’re sorry to announce that there will not be a Living Village gathering in 2020. We hope to see you next year. To support us or stay informed click the buttons below! 

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The Living Village Festival is the ultimate experience of conscious living, community building, learning, growing and playing together. Get inspired, learn, play, dance, share and expand your knowledge

Due to the new rules and sanctions about the Coronavirus, Living Village 2020 will not take place. This will not mean we won’t do our best effort to provide you an unforgettable experience.

We will try everything possible to create something special. We will stay connected, even if not physically there. Stay up to date with our Facebook page or subscribe to our news letter to know what’s coming!


The Living Village festival is an experimental festival and a stepping stone for co-creation of our (and our children’s) future. It’s the ultimate chance to create awareness and gather the people who are in touch with nature, the earth and all its inhabitants.

The time we live in overloads us with distractions, consumption, chemically processed foods and corporate greed. We are here to make the change, to pave the path of awareness and to celebrate the collaboration between humanity and nature.

It’s easy to say we want change, but in what way? And how do we get there? During this festival we bring people, knowledge, solutions and examples together. To learn, get inspired, share and expand our knowledge, but also to dance, play and enjoy our time together. The Living Village Festival provides the perfect surrounding to experience it all.

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