Temple Grounds

Sacred fire Tipi

This is a sacred place to reflect, to connect, to just be or enjoy fire ceremonies & music jams. The fire is there to transform energy, to bring us in deep connection within ourselves and eachother. The sacred fire burns 24/7 and will be kept by our firekeepers.

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The Healing properties of Cannabis 

sat, 13:00 Sacred Fire Tipi

My name is Robbert, after having to deal with cancer in my early 20’s I came about cannabis and its healing properties. By going inside and becoming honest with my heart/self, I discovered a way in how we can work symbiotically with her to gain insight and support transformation of the person with the intention of balance, becoming whole and healthy.

Eleke & Lut

The Work that reconnects 

sun, 13:00 Sacred Fire Tipi

The Work that Reconnects (of Joanna Macy) In a time of big ecological and social challenges, we create space for hope instead of despair. Work that Reconnects (WTR) helps us to transform fear and despair into inspiration and empowerment. It's a true medicine for the soul. In times when time is money, where facts and separation are dominant, WTR reminds us that we are not alone in our care and love for the world. The earth exists for a very long time and we are connected with it. We will reconnect with ourselves, our inner power, our ancestors, each other and nature. To face and participate in these times, we need to gather all the resources, wisdom and support we can to sustain ourselves and our visions for new ways of doing and being in the world. Experience the healing power of gratitude, find compassion in honoring your pain for the world, embrace your connections with each other and with the self-healing powers in the web of life, and realize your potential to make a difference. https://workthatreconnects.org

Peter Raadsen : BeDus

Musical meditations 

thu, 13:00 Sacred Fire Tipi

Shamanic SoundHealing