Ongoing Performances

Troughout the festival you will discover many magical performances and artists.

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Berend & Cor


all days,

My passion is slacklining and i like to inspire other people in doing this since i think it is a great experience as a sport and as a meditation.


arealhoop and silks 

all days,

Performance & workshop with arealhoop and silks

Coloured creatures

Painting & creating together 

all days,

Coloured Creatures brings more color, joy and art to life, loves to connect people with each other and connect them with their inner child, let's play

Dinja & Shanti- Stiltperformance

Warriors of the Rainbow 


The biggest thing Shanti and Dinja have in comon is a need for freedom and expression... Being free gives them the strenght to express themselves in the most magnificent ways. Watch them and see how dreams become real. Walking the stilts with a self crafted costume...... Shanti is community builder as a profession, a silt artist, Painter, Hand crafter. Dinja is a dread maker, stilt artist and a musician.".

Floris & Jesse visual art

Juggling shows and workshops 

all days,

we believe that juggling and flow arts can transform peoples lives, and bring people together. we want to let people experience this, inspire them, and share our passion!


Hoolahoop Fun Workshops 

all days,

Dagelijkse ongoing workshops @ village square


Contact juggling & workshop 

all days,

Juggler specialized in Watch and get advice on how to learn juggling and contactjuggling. rolling and balancing of balls. Props are available and parked in tripod saying "Please, return after usage!

Karoly Almoes

street photographer 

all days,

Slowing down .. the imperfection ... the magic that I represent as the Street Photographer from the interbellum. The sepia photo developed by hand in the camera is transferred to the guest within five minutes in a very sturdy oval passepartout.


Songs of the world 

all days,

Feeling like you are drifting away into far-away dreamy lands on a siren-like voice? Look around you for Ottilia and her yellow ukulele. On her travels she collected songs, wisdom and stories from many different cultures and tribes. On the Living Village Festival she will go around bringing surprise mini-concerts to villagers; she may even allure you into a secret stage performance... Get comforted by a Russian song of hope, enjoy a hymn to the Maori god of the Ocean and hear the sound of the wind in the Mongolian music of the steppes. But most of all: dream away and let the music take you on a journey beyond imagination. Careful, you may never want to leave again.

Ritual Theater group Kairos

Impro dance and music 

all days,

You will see the ritual dance theater performance by Eva Bergerová and Dymphi Peeters based on improvisation theater, conscious dance, live music and martial arts and have a chance to sink into the deep experience of the present moment, of art streaming from the pure source of creativity. All will happen in the right moment.

Zora shows and Lopend Vuurtje

Hotel de botel choas and colour 

all days,

If you like to see some juggling arts, some madness 'hotel de botel' chaos and colour, our Wageningen artist crew of Zora shows and Lopend vuurtje will be there for you! We will randomly float around the area during the festival and performing flow arts like poi, devil stick, contact juggling, hula hoop, silk fans, double staff and juggling. At sunday our show will take place, don't miss the fun!

Treeclimbing Company

Climbing trees in the magic forest 

all days,

Workshops treeclimbing, Martijn and Jelco are two dedicated treeclimbers and are exited to show the villagers a live up in the trees.