Monkey Town

Welcome to Monkeytown! A place where we color the world with bananas, music, creativity & fun. In this jungle we leave no monkey behind and we provide all monkeys with a big dosis of energetic live bands and the grooviest DJ’s! Together we swing by the elements and dance around the Holy Banana! Which monkey are you? Come find out at MonkeyTown, where monkeys go bananas.

This neighbourhood is hosted by: Colored Monkeys

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Impro on electronics

These monkeys improvise everything from Drum & Bass & House to the sickest Hip Hop.

De Baron


Get ready for an energizing musical revolution! Worldrock for you monkeys

Destructive Penguins

Warm and welcoming hip hop

This new Hip Hop collective sounds destructive & cold, but actually they play really warm and welcoming. Popronde 2019.

DJ Carton de Leche

Funk it up Monkeys.

Django (jungle set)

Jungle vibez

To make you dance.


Downtempo ambient

Grooves that make you dream of more bananas.


Brazilian flavours

These Brazilian flavours come to hypnotise the square of Monkeytown.


Fuzzy grimey weird vynil

Straight from the red room till the dancefloor.

Heavy Faces

Hard soul

With an New Zealand and American touch.

Las Medicinas

Cumbia Tropicana

These crazy mexicans shure know how to make your body move.



Aint no sunshine with a little blues. These monkeys got you covered.

Nobel Savage

Drum & Bass

Till your feeet fall of


From Dub till Electro Swing

The freshest sounds from Dub till Electro Swing and all styles in between.

Ronny Dunbar & Two Tone Tommie

All style afro rhythms & old classics.

Sun Roots

Roots Rock Reggae Dub

With a little bit of sunshine.


Funkiest grooves of Monkeytown

During the supermoon of june.



Thaïti splashes the colours of their self painted jungle on every stage they play.

The Koalaz

Reggae skanks and space animals

Roots, Rock, Reggae & punky youngsters.

The Roosterz


Get your skanking shoes ready to rocksteady.